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Focusing on information - combining individuality and cost-effectiveness

  • Our product range of driver information systems: Instrument Clusters and Single Gauges
  • Product development taking into account individuality, functionality and cost effectiveness
  • Customer-specific requirements and market driven solutions for every class of Special Vehicles
  • Proposals for industrial design, ergonomics and human-machine interface (HMI)
  • Forward-looking and cost optimized technology
  • Established platform concepts for a maximum of individuality, flexibility and scalability
  • Delivery of maximum quality and durability as well as aesthetics

CB500 and FlexCluster

Maximum Function

Our products always meet the highest standards in quality, durability and aesthetics. But the FlexCluster instrument cluster offers far more: top quality in all aspects.

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Centrobase 400 with segmented LC-display is developed for agricultural, contruction, forestry, stationary and similar applications.

Platform Multifunction Instruments

The Centrobase 350 and Centrobase 400 instrument cluster allow all relevant engine data (analog and digital) to be clearly presented on a central display, thus, ensuring greater convenience and enhancing ergonomics in drivers’ cabs.

Single Instruments

Single gauges for market-specific solutions

Specific markets, such as North America, require single gauges as well as instrument clusters. Automotive manufacturers can create their own driver information system in modular form.

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